International Investors

Our Flexible Investment management is an opportunistic and innovative investment style, which adapts to changes in market conditions. Thus, within the whole range of flexible equity funds, net equity exposure is adjusted thanks to the use of futures. All our flexible funds are managed with a dual objective:

  • Ensuring a positive return on assets in the long and medium term
  • Participating in the growth of the financial markets while protecting the downside

Our flexible equity funds’ investment process is based on a macro-economic analysis with strong views on sector allocation and stock picking. This allows us to handle net equity exposure within a very large range, to take into account changes in market conditions. Thus, the management team uses futures (indices, stocks, bonds, volatility and prime materials indices) to adapt the risk-return combination. This strategy is a responsive way to complete portfolios’ structure by adjusting the hedging at the lowest cost.

Thus, our investment process includes three key steps:

  • Our macro-economic analysis allows us to determine our overall asset allocation and net equity exposure
  • We carry out a sector selection which reflects our strong views and opinions, and does not necessarily reflect the composition of the comparable equity index
  • We select the best placed companies, thanks to our long standing market expertise, an in-depth fundamental analysis and the use of simple but efficient valuation models